[theqoo]K-netizens discuss aespa Winter’s airport fashion, a perfect match for Gucci?

aespa Winter’s recent appearance and outfit as she appeared at the airport has drawn a lot of admiration from netizens. 

On June 7th, aespa member Winter appeared at Incheon International Airport. It is known that Winter, alongside other aespa members (except for Giselle) is heading to New York for the 2023 Governors Ball Music Festival and to deliver the Yankees 1st pitch. 


Here, showed up in an impressive outfit, including a black sleeveless crop top, a white skirt, a black cardigan, as well as an elegant beige handbag. All of the items, which are said to be from luxury brand Gucci, perfectly accentuated the female idol’s slender figure, slim waist, and long legs. 

On the other hand, Winter’s look as she flew to France for the Cannes Films Festival, where she wore a Gucci crochet cotton top, mid-waist jeans, and a black leather heart bag, also became a hot topic. 

Looking at Winter’s stunning airport wardrobe, netizens can’t help but show admiration, even calling the female idol a “perfect match” for Gucci.

Original post: theqoo

Below are some comments from netizens:  

  • Gucci should choose Winter as an ambassador 
  • Winter is simply a perfect match for Gucci
  • Wow, how can she be real? Such visuals look straight out of a comic book
  • Isn’t Winter only wearing Gucci recently? I think she’s gaining the ambassador title soon
  • She’s so pretty and her hair just suits her so well
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