“The Witch 2” receives favorable responses from the first day of its release… Season 3 is already anticipated

“The Witch Part 2. The Other One”, known as the sequel to the hit movie “The Witch”, has finally been introduced to the audience.

On June 15th, the movie “The Witch Part 2. The Other One” (hereinafter referred to as “The Witch 2”) began to be screened in all theaters in Korea.


“The Witch 2” is an action movie telling the story that happens when forces appear in front of the “girl” (played by Shin Si-a), who takes her first step into the world after surviving alone in a devastated secret laboratory, and chase her for different purposes. 

The Witch

Director Park Hoon-jung, who was behind the success of “New World” and “Night in Paradise”, and the original production crew of “The Witch” returned to join hands and make “The Witch 2”, raising the viewers’ expectations even before its release.

The Witch 2

In fact, “The Witch 2” beat the 10-million-admission movie “The Roundup” and Hollywood’s highly anticipated movie “Top Gun: Maverick” to top the reservation rate from June 14th, one day before its official release. This early achievement signaled another box-office success.

Most of the audiences who watched “The Witch 2” on the first premiere day (June 15th) gave 10 stars and positive evaluations for the movie.

The Witch 2

Moviegoers responded enthusiastically, saying “As expected, the action scenes are so amazing”, “I was totally immersed in the movie”, “I suddenly forgot about time while watching it”, “This is the best among movies I’ve seen recently”, etc.

the witch 2

Some mentioned the special appearance of Kim Da-mi, who played the female lead Ja-yoon with superpowers previous film “The Witch”. They gave complimented Kim Da-mi, “As expected from Kim Da-mi”, “The scene where Kim Da-mi appears was the most impactful”, “I got goosebumps because of Kim Da-mi’s acting”, etc.


In addition, many viewers have already raised expectations for another follow-up movie, saying that “The Witch 2” is the introduction for Season 3.

“The Witch 2”, which is gaining explosive reactions since the first release day for its expansion of worldview and the appearance of characters full of individualities, is performing so well. 


Meanwhile, Shin Si-a, Park Eun-bin, Seo Eun-soo, Sung Yu-bin, and Justin Harvey, who are the main characters of “The Witch 2”, will appear at stage greeting events at CGV Wangsimni, Lotte Cinema World Tower, and Megabox Seungsu on June 17th. 

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