“The chest part is different”…Kim Tae-ri’s fake dress controversy starts from China

Actress Kim Tae-ri is damaged by the controversy created by Chinese netizens.

Kim Tae-ri has been embroiled in a “fake controversy” because her dress is different from the original design and it is different from what another actress has worn. Her team even went to the customize shop to refute the unexpected allegations.

The controversy that Kim Tae-ri wore an imitation dress began in China. Kim Tae-ri wore a dress of brand B at the 58th Baeksang Arts Awards held on May 6th. This dress is a two-piece outfit with a silk tuxedo-style cropped bralette top and a full maxi skirt bottom.

Kim Tae-ri

Kim Tae-ri showed both her innocence and curves at the same time with this dress, but after the Baeksang Arts Awards, she was suspected of wearing an imitation dress. Chinese media reported that some Chinese netizens have pointed out how Kim Tae-ri‘s dress had a different design from the original design.

Hollywood actor Dakota Johnson has already worn this design in 2019, due to which these Chinese netizens claimed that the details of the dress’ chest and back of its top are different. Dakota Johnson is a well-known actress from the movie “Fifty Shades of Gray.” She participated in the 11th Governors Awards Gala hosted by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in 2019 and wore that particular dress design.


Dakota Johnson wore this brand B’s dress without any alteration in the original design. Because it is a tuxedo style design, the chest part is more relaxed while the cutout details on the back of the top gave the dress a unique note. The side part of the top piece is a thin string, so if one is worried about revealing design, this can be a burden.

Unlike Hollywood, which doesn’t care about revealing clothings, such design can be a concern for public appearances in Korea. Kim Tae-ri transformed the dress in consideration of her body shape and the event she attended. The design of the chest part and connecting sides was modified to minimize exposure. This is why the dress looks like the original product from the front, but different from the side. “The dress is a genuine design. It is different from the original product as we have modified the design to fits Kim Tae-ri’s body,” the team explained.

Kim Tae-ri

China is a country that reportedly sells imitation designs of dresses worn by actresses at awards ceremonies. The red embroidered dress that Fan Bingbing wore at the Cannes Film Festival in the past was also sold like hotcakes in Chinese online shopping malls. Kim Tae-ri and her customization shop suffered from the absurd thoughts of Chinese netizens as they refused to think with common sense and immediately suspected Kim of using imitations.

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