The truth about Nana’s sudden marriage news that appeared on Korea’s trending

The news of Nana getting married has stirred up netizens on the afternoon of August 28th (KST).

On August 28th, the keyword “Nana gets married” unexpectedly shot up to the top trending on Twitter in Korea. From here, rumors of Nana getting married suddenly spread.

This rumor has left many fans astonished because, for several years, Nana has not openly disclosed any romantic relationships with anyone. In fact, the most recent dating rumor involving Nana was 8 years ago. Back then, Nana was rumored to be seeing Hong Jong Hyun, but she quickly spoke up to deny it.

Nana trending posts
The keyword “Nana gets married” suddenly climbed to the top trending on Twitter in South Korea.
Hong Jong Hyun nana
In 2015, Nana was caught in dating rumors with Hong Jong Hyun but denied it.

However, Koreaboo swiftly clarified all the misunderstandings surrounding the news of Nana’s marriage. Accordingly, when clicking on the keyword “Nana get marriage,” there isn’t any information related to the “Mask Girl” star. Instead, netizens would come across news about musical actress Na Ha Na announcing her wedding.


As it turns out, the star who declared her upcoming marriage isn’t Nana but a musical actress with a name similar to Nana. Although the musical actress is Na Ha Na, somehow only Na Na appears on Twitter Korea’s trending, leading to misunderstandings.

Up until now, Nana has not made any marriage announcements.
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On August 28th, there was only one celebrity named Na Ha Na who revealed her wedding preparations.
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