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The story behind Ha Ji Won and Yeon Jung Hoon’s first reunion after 17 years (2 Days & 1 Night)

The reason why it took Ha Ji Won and Yeon Jung Hoon 17 years to reunite has been revealed.

On the November 13th broadcast of KBS 2TV’s “2 Days & 1 Night Season 4”, Yeon Jung Hoon, Kim Jong Min, Moon Se Yoon, Din Din, and Na In Woo went on a trip together with new friends Ha Ji Won and Kang Ha Neul.


Together with the two guests Ha Ji Won and Kang Ha Neul, the cast members were seen beginning their trip. Din Din mentioned the fact that Yeon Jung Hoon and Ha Ji Won, who worked together in the movie “Daddy-Long-Legs”, reunited after such a long time.

Din Din said, “Jung Hoon tends to keep in touch with people he works with. I guess he doesn’t do that outside of work”. Ha Ji Won shared, “After filming ‘Daddy-Long-Legs’, Yeon Jung Hoon got married right away”. Upon hearing that, Din Din immediately understood the reason. Kim Jong Hoon added that Yeon Jung Hoon was blinded by love at that time.


Ha Ji Won revealed that she attended the wedding of Yeon Jung Hoon and Han Ga In after finishing the filming of “Daddy-Long-Legs”. Yeon Jung Hoon also explained, “I enlisted in the military right after getting married, so it was difficult for me to keep in touch with Ha Ji Won”

PD Lee Jeol Kyu then told the members and the guests that the concept of their trip was a seasonal food trip. There would be a total of 10 kinds of seasonal food, and each time they succeed in a mission, they can get one thing they want. 

Kang Ha Neul looked at the menu and said he was curious about the stir-fried apple pork belly. Ha Ji Won said she wanted Carpaccio. Before the main race started, Kang Ha Neul’s team won the competition to recruit teammates and got one dish. 

The members moved to a hot place cafe in Ganghwa then began playing a photo-taking game for three seasonal dishes. Na In Woo, a member of Ha Ji Won’s team, did a great job and helped his team secure victory with the final score of 3:1. Ha Ji Won’s team selected Carpaccio, spicy blue crab stew, and grilled jumbo shrimp. 


PD Lee Jeol Kyu said, “Since Ha Ji Won often starts her day with a cup of coffee, we will proceed with a special snack mission for the captains”. The PD said he would give coffee and bread to the winning team after carrying out a 1:1 photo-taking match between Ha Ji Won and Kang Ha Neul. As a result, Kang Ha Neul successfully achieved coffee and bread as he won over Ha Ji Won.

The PD then told Ha Ji Won’s team to surpass the highest score of 757 in the whack-a-mole game to get coffee. Din Din went right in front of the whack-a-mole machine and tried his best, but it was not easy to break the record. 

Source: Daum

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