NCT Dream got another ‘Dealsang’, PSY ‘paid money’ for his own prizes? The Seoul Music Awards 2023 ended up in controversies

The Seoul Music Awards 2023 has ended but has been entangled in a series of controversies.

On the afternoon of January 19, the Seoul Music Awards 2023 (SMAs) took place. Although the top 3rd generation artists like BLACKPINK, BTS, etc. did not participate, the Seoul Music Awards still attracted attention thanks to the presence of rising stars such as IVE, (G)-IDLE, Tempest, etc. … and SM stars: Red Velvet, aespa, NCT Dream. This award ceremony however ended up with a series of controversies.

NCT Dream doesn’t deserve the Daesang?

The most prestigious award of the 2023 SMAs – Daesang belongs to NCT Dream, making Kpop fans feel confused. Surpassing a series of formidable rivals such as BTS, BLACKPINK and rookie dinosaurs IVE, NCT Dream without outstanding products in 2022 still brought home the grand prize.

NCT Dream
NCT Dream caused controversy when winning SMAs’ Daesang

Immediately after the award ceremony ended, many netizens expressed their outrage. They thought that BTS and IVE absolutely deserved to win the best song and best album awards. Besides, in terms of activities and achievements in 2022, NCT Dream is completely inferior to girl groups.

Is PSY worthy of the title of ‘World Best Artist’?


PSY stirred controversy when he won the World’s Best Artist category at the 2023 Seoul Music Awards. According to netizens, PSY has had little impact in the worldwide market in the last year. Many netizens feel that this is a special award created by SMA sponsors specifically for PSY. The day when male artists were worldwide recognized is past; currently, the world’s top Kpop artist must be BTS or BLACKPINK, not PSY.

Tempest failed to win the rookie award

Another controversy related to PSY is that the Rookie of the Year award went to TNX – the boy group under P Nation, PSY’s company. Many fans feel dissatisfied because the number of votes in this category for Tempest is higher than TNX, but Tempest was still “empty-handed”.

Tempest SMA
Tempest lost Rookie of the Year to TNX, instead, they got the New Star award
Compared to NewJeans and LE SSERAFIM, TNX has neither outstanding reputation nor achievements

When compared to two female rookies from the HYBE family, NewJeans and LE SSERAFIM, TNX is vastly inferior. Their accomplishments aren’t especially remarkable enough to earn them Rookie of the Year at the SMAs. Netizens unanimously agree that P Nation “bought” the prize for TNX.

Source: k14

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