“The Red Sleeve” actress Lee Se-young revealed she would never date an athlete because of her father

Lee Se-young mentioned her father as the reason why she didn’t want to date an athlete.

In the 320th episode of JTBC’s variety program “Knowing Bros,” which aired on February 19, actress Lee Se-young of the drama “The Red Sleeve,” which became a hot topic, transferred to the “Knowing Bros” school.

Knowing Bros

On the same day, Lee Se-young was a fan of indoor sports when asked about what she had been doing since “The Red Sleeve” finished. Lee Se-young said, “I like the Premier League and I like soccer games, so I couldn’t play because the server was shut down. I left a variety of squads to do after work. I cried because the server was shut down.”

In addition to games, Lee Se-young said she enjoyed watching sports comic books, adding, “I like Slam Dunk and watched boxing comic books before starting filming “The Red Sleeve.” “I was thinking about learning boxing after the work, but that was only my thought,” she continued. Lee Se-young drew attention by introducing Dempsey rolls she learned from the comics, saying she often makes boxing posture with gloves at home.

Knowing Bros

Lee Soo-geun asked a niche question, “You will date an athlete at this rate.” Then Lee Se-young said, “I don’t like athletes. My father exercised a lot. My heart aches while watching him get his joints hurt. I thought he shouldn’t do that because my family would be upset,” she confessed. As Lee Jang-Joon asked how about a retired athlete, Lee Se-young made everyone laugh by saying, “I respect him.”

Lee Se-young continued to talk about her father. “My father is a 9-level Hapkido.” Lee Se-young said, “I learned (from my father) when I was young, but it all flew away. I also learned by meditating on pores in the morning.”

Knowing Bros

Next, Lee Se-young mentioned Lee Jin-ho as her ideal type on “Knowing Bros.” Lee Se-young said, “He’s cute and fun, and I’ve liked him since the program “The Prince’s Game.”

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