Not dating scandals but these terrible ‘crimes’ are the ones that can engulf the career of KPOP idols

Prostitution, evasion of military service, bullying,… are the new ‘real nightmare’ to KPOP idols.

In the past, KPOP fan community has been shaken with the dating news of HyunA and E’Dawn (PENTAGON). This is the most scandalous dating scandal of Asian media since the beginning of 2018. It can be said that this incident was very complicated, and has not come to an end until now. Many fans are worried that the two involved idol’s career will end here, especially with E’Dawn, who has not yet left a strong impression on the public. However, is dating scandal that serious?

Not dating scandals but these terrible 'crimes' are the ones that can engulf the career of KPOP idols

Actually, there are many KPOP idols that have been involved in dating rumors that have serious consequences. These scandals will cause a buzz among fan community, and attract media attention at that moment, but then, if these idols can continue to prove their talent, they can still develop their career. So where is the real “grave” for young talent that is blooming?

Prostitution and sexual abuse scandal

This is probably the quickest way to crush KPOP idols after only one night. No matter how famous the idol is, prostitution or abusing another people without permission will be attributed to the act of breaking the law, not a scandal anymore.

KPOP idol must always build the best image and sex scandal is the opposite of that criterion. Park Yoochun – the dream boy of many girls have been summoned by police because of sexual harassment. This is a scandal of JYJ’s member and until now, Park Yoochun’s career has not shown signs of prosperity. Within just over a year, Park Yoochun’s many years of building reputation plummeted. Despite the unfairness, the male idol still did not dare to return to the entertainment activities because of the public opinions.

Bullying, or using violence

In Korea, “violence” and “bullying” are extremely sensitive and obsessive issues for many generations. Especially among school students, school violence and boycotting are a nightmare for many when they go to school. Hooligans, or people with the behavior of bullying is strongly condemned by the whole society. There are even services made to protect victims who are frequently subjected to violence.

Therefore, if a celebrity is exposed with violent behaviors, the public will get angry. Typically the case of singer Kim Hyun Joong. He was accused of assaulting his girlfriend both verbally and physically. Although the scandal has been settled, Kim Hyun Joong’s image has been tarnished, which means he is permanently unable to return to stardom as before.

Not dating scandals but these terrible 'crimes' are the ones that can engulf the career of KPOP idols

Or the similar case of girl group T-ara. T-ara members were accused of bullying and isolating Hwayoung. Although this happened many years ago and the girlgroup has been vindicated, the reputation of the once-top-girlgroup can not be reversed.

Avoiding military service

To the Korean, military service is compulsory for all men. Since the country is in a tension state with North Korea, Koreans are highly motivated by the spirit of volunteering to serve the military. However, to the celebrities, the obligation will disrupt their rising careers. Many Korean stars have postponed their obligations for many years to focus on their career.

MC Mong is one of the typical examples of severe consequences for avoiding military service. MC Mong has found every reason to escape enlistment including the acceptance of spit 4 of his teeth. As a result, the career of the male singer was completely dissipated.

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