New Jeans’ KCON style controversy, Korean staff responded, “I don’t know anything about this”

Amid controversy over New Jeans’ excessive styling that does not fit their age, the staff has come to explain.

On Oct 15th, NewJeans performed as a part of “KCON 2022 – JAPAN” at Tokyo Ariake Arena in Tokyo.

NewsJeans, who are highly expected by global fans, surprised everyone by appearing in dark makeup, dyed hairstyles, excessive accessories and colorful outfits, unlike their existing clean and pure image. 

Since then, protests have erupted online over New Jeans’ hair, makeup, and style.

Fans complained, saying, “The makeup doesn’t look good on them,” “Who the hell is their stylist and makeup artist?” “Please change the makeup shop,” and “They made our pretty girls look so tacky.”


As the controversy grew, the makeup artist began to explain through her Instagram. She wrote, “After looking through the comments and other opinions last night, I think I should clear the confusion by saying this,” adding, “New Jeans’ makeup at KCON is not related to me and our staff, and I would like to inform you that I did not do it.” 


News Jeans were listed as a part of the KCON line-up alongside ATBO, DKZ, fromis_9, IVE, JO1, New Jeans, and Tomorrow X Together.

Source: Nate

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