EXO Lay and Cai Xukun got caught up in rumors of having a baby with fan

Currently, netizens are still hotly talking and waiting for the blogger to reveal the true identity of the male star in this rumor.

Yesterday (November 5), a blogger with 900,000 followers revealed: “An A-list male star has had a baby with his own fan”. In addition, on Douban, there were rumors about this male star as follows: Belonging to the 9X generation, representing many high-end brands, the name has 3 letters.

A-list male star
Blogger releases hot news about an A-list male star

It is worth mentioning, below the post, there is a comment that received great attention when posting a photo of Zhang Yixing (aka Lay). The EXO member currently serves as Valentino’s brand ambassador and Chaumet’s spokesperson. In addition, another comment mentions a male star with the last name Cai – said to be Cai Xukun.

Comment mentioning the name of the male star with the surname Zhang and the male star with the surname Kai (supposedly Cai Xukun)
A-list male star
A-list male star

However, these are all rumors of netizens. Up to now, both Zhang Yixing and Cai Xukun have not responded to these rumors.

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