Agency quickly explains the controversy over Kim Tae Ri’s recruitment of foreign language Vlog subtitle translators

The agency of actress Kim Tae Ri, who is controversial due to her recruitment of subtitle translators, revealed their position.

Earlier on May 22nd, Kim Tae Ri made a post on her Instagram account, asking fans to donate their talents and translate subtitles for her Vlog videos. At the moment, the post has been deleted.


Kim Tae Ri is currently creating, editing, and uploading content through the official Youtube channel of her agency Management mmm. Therefore, the actress posted on her SNS to look for someone who can add subtitles in many different languages to her Youtube content.

The problem is that she said, “This project is done through talent donation”. Kim Tae Ri’s “So This is The Place?” content does not consist of short videos within 10 minutes. They are Vlog videos of more than 30 minutes each, and the longest one is 40 minutes long. In addition, the application form released by Kim Tae Ri includes questions about names, proficiency in languages, and the number of videos 30-40 minutes in length that one can translate. 


In response, netizens commented, “Talent donation should be done voluntarily. Isn’t it funny to ask someone to donate it?”, “You must have lots of money, so use it”, “It’s so annoying seeing her ask fans to donate their talents”, etc.

Later on the 23rd, Management mmm released on its official Instagram account a position, saying “We would like to deliver our official position regarding the translation of ‘So This is The Place?’ subtitles. In all the videos in ‘So This is The Place?’ series, no revenue is generated, even for the advertisement parts. However, it does not mean we disregard the importance of revenue for anyone. From the moment Kim Tae Ri decided to do ‘So This is The Place?’ and began the project to the recent step of adding English subtitles, she has been doing it with only one heart for fans.”


They continued, “Her action of requesting assistance for various language subtitle translations also started with her sole desire that more international fans would be able to enjoy the videos. We sincerely apologize for causing inconvenience to many people due to our poor expressions of intentions.”

The agency added, “Moreover, we have never wished for anyone’s feelings to be used improperly throughout the entire process of ‘So This is The Place?’. If there are any contributions that should be compensated, they have been appropriately paid properly. Once again, we deeply apologize to anyone who has felt uncomfortable throughout this entire process”.

Source: Wikitree

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