“Song Min Ho’s sister” Song Dan Ah seduced another staff with her sexy charms

Song Dan Ah is appearing on the entertainment show “Company Romance.”

In the 5th episode of Coupang Play’s “Company Romance”, which was released on Dec 2nd (Fri), the employees joined in a vote to pick out two people to be transferred to another department. During the voting, everyone could not hide their tension and confusion, and finally, Bang Soo Ji and Kim Do Yoon have to leave the Showroom TF team. Amid the regretful atmosphere, a new face appeared. The male employees couldn’t take their eyes off the newcomer Kim Hye Bin, who appeared as a new face.

Company Romance

Meanwhile, 11 male and female employees were given a photoshoot mission. During the shoot, Song Dan Ah showed off her sexy beauty by leading the awkward Jang Yeon Soo, and Park Ji Young made her partner Choi Wook excited by making good use of the secret concept of the security office.

Company Romance

On the other hand, New Face Kim Hye Bin said, “I don’t think it’s going to be easy” after seeing the current atmosphere between Jeong Ga Ya and Yang Jung Hoon, drawing attention to whether their relationship will develop into a love triangle. The next story is expected to be found in the 6th episode of Coupang Play’s entertainment show “Company Romance” at 8 p.m. next Friday.

Source: TenAsia

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