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The reason why this psychiatrists cries after hearing his patients: “Children always forgive their parents”

Professor Na Jong Ho confessed about the traumas he had experienced as a psychiatrist on “Yoo Quiz On The Block.”

In the 176th episode of tvN’s “Yoo Quiz on the Block,” which aired on Jan 18th, the band Peppertones, Professor Min Byung Chul, Professor Na Jong Ho of Yale University, and actress Honey Lee appeared and shared their stories with MC Yoo Jae Seok and Jo Se Ho.

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On this day, Yoo Jae Seok asked psychiatrist Na Jong Ho, “Do you sometimes experience trauma indirectly?” In response, Na Jong Ho shared the story of a patient who was continuously abused by their uncle as a child. He said, “The patient grabbed the baseball bat wielded by his uncle, but she was even worried then that the uncle might fall.” Still, the patient was stabbed that day.

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Na Jong Ho said, “When I asked about their happiest memory when they were young, they mentioned about how their uncle gave them a ride on the wooden horse. I cried a lot because my heart hurt so much while listening to their story,” he said. “Children always forgive their parents. It was so heartbreaking to see a child who was worried for the adult who abused them every day,” he shared.

In addition, Na Jong Ho said that as a psychiatrist, he wanted to comfort young people rather than whipping them. To him, Koreans blame themselves too much while living such a hard life. Yoo Jae Seok also joined in to comfort the young generation, saying, “I hope you are not too harsh on yourself.

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Meanwhile, “Yoo Quiz on the Block” is an entertainment program in which Yoo Jae Seok and Jo Se Ho meet and talk to various people of various walks of life. The show airs every Wednesday at 8:40 p.m.

Source: iMBC

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