The reason Lee Seung Gi does not respond to Lee Sun Hee’s silence over his conflict with Hook

On January 3rd, reporter-turned-Youtuber uploaded a video titled, “Lee Sun Hee’s two faces… The reason she turns a blind eye to her student Lee Seung Gi”.

Lee Jin Ho summarized the embezzlement of Hook Entertainment’s CEO Kwon Jin Young in the process of selling MDs at Lee Sun Hee’s concert. He said, “After asking tax accountants, Hook only reported VAT on about 8 million won in cash receipts from 96.1 million won in cash payments. The remaining goods’ cash sales of 88.1 million won were omitted. Despite that, Lee Sun Hee is still silent.”

In particular, Lee Jin Ho said, “The relationship between CEO Kwon and Lee Sun Hee is closer than family”, to explain why Lee Sun Hee did not take issue with CEO Kwon’s embezzlement even though she knew it. The Youtuber also mentioned the amount of 2.6 billion won and 440 million won worth of stocks CEO Kwon gave to Lee Sun Hee and Lee Sun Hee’s daughter, respectively.

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Explaining the close relationship between CEO Kwon and Lee Sun Hee again, Lee Jin Ho said, “Lee Sun Hee’s daughter has nothing to do with the management of Hook, but received more shares than Hook’s executives. CEO Kwon also said that Lee Sun Hee’s daughter is like a niece she helped raise since childhood.”

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Regarding the reason Lee Sun Hee could not say anything about the conflict between her student Lee Seung Gi and CEO Kwon, the Youtuber explained, “There seems to be a special relationship between Lee Sun Hee and CEO Kwon”, adding “Some Youtubers are saying that Lee Seung Gi might have sued Lee Sun Hee as well, but it’s not true. Lee Seung Gi is also aware that some of his advertising fees went into the pocket of Lee Sun Hee’s daughter, but he did not sue Lee Sun Hee and her family. It is because he didn’t want to become any other person other than a student of his teacher.”


Meanwhile, Lee Seung Gi’s dispute with Hook Entertainment began after he sent a certification of content to the agency asking for the disclosure of his music revenue settlement details. Lee Seung Gi claimed that he did not receive a penny of his music profits from Hook for 18 years. In the process, Hook sent Lee Seung Gi 5 billion won but Lee Seung Gi decided to donate them all and continue the legal battle. 

Source: Naver

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