JYJ’s Kim Junsu: “I lived in a semi-basement without a bathroom”

Channel A’s entertainment show “Groom Class”, which aired on June 22nd, showed Kim Junsu meeting and talking with his close friend – famous swimmer Park Tae-hwan.


The two had a casual conversation “Why aren’t you dating?” then began to talk about their childhood.

As Kim Junsu and Park Tae-hwan are so close that they have known each other since high school, they exchanged stories about their families.


Park Tae-hwan first talked about his parents.

He said, “I feel that my parents (who supported me) have aged a lot recently. In particular, I saw my mother, who was battling cancer when I was young, and her course of chemotherapy.” Fortunately, she was completely cured now.

Kim Junsu also frankly confessed about his family situation, which was very difficult.


Kim Junsu, who lives in the Signiel Residence of Lotte Tower in Jamsil, Seoul, which is currently trading at 8.94 billion won, recalled, “Actually, I had a bad home environment. I lived in a semi-basement without a toilet. Afterwards, I moved to a good villa, but my mother vomited blood in the toilet. It was a shock when I was young.”

He continued, “She lived a hard life and suffered a series of diseases. I remember how my parents worked only in difficult circumstances.


Kim Junsu, who brought up the deepest story in his heart, also expressed his special affection for Park Tae-hwan.

Kim Junsu thanked Park Tae-hwan for being with him through difficult times in the past.

Hwang Jae Gyun Jiyeon

In fact, Park Tae-hwan was with Kim Junsu even when Kim Junsu had a hard time after leaving his agency.

Kim Junsu drew attention by saying, “After leaving the company, I went on a lot of cafe tours (with Park Tae-hwan) when it was noisy. The two of us spent a lot of time together. It was comforting and helpful even though our fields were different. It was great just to share my worries.”

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