Hong Ji-yoon confessed, “My trainee ex-boyfriend hung out with other girls. He is still trying to contact me”

Singer Hong Ji-yoon looks back on her past relationships with all bad guys.

Hong Ji-yoon will appear on SBS Plus and Channel S’s show “The Love Master season 2” broadcast, which will air on October 18th. Netizens have always believed that Hong Ji-yoon seems to have an image of a girl who receives much love from her boyfriend. However, appearing on this show, she confessed that she had met only “bad men” so far, making everyone confused.

hong ji yoon

Hong Ji-yoon said that her relationships always had bad endings. She confessed that she introduced her boyfriend to a junior who is close to her but then got cheated. Moreover, all her friends turned their backs on her and said they didn’t trust her.

She also told another story. Hong Ji-yoon also talked about her relationship with a boyfriend who used to be a trainee. She said this boyfriend lied to her. He invited other girls to his birthday party and left only Hong Ji-yoon out. What made everyone in the studio even angrier was the fact that this ex-boyfriend is still trying to contact Hong Ji-yoon through SNS. The 3 MCs, including Hong Jin-kyung, Hong Hyun-hee and Shin Dong, were really shocked when they heard the message he sent her. This has raised the curiosity of viewers about what the message was.

“The Love Master season 2” will air at 8:50 PM on October 18th

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