The outstanding visuals of “Avatar 2” cast members before CGI 

“Avatar: The Way of Water”, the sequel to global hit “Avatar”, boasts a gorgeous cast lineup with many notable young names. 

Having returned after over a decade, the “Avatar” franchise has gone through quite the transformation, which focuses more on Na’vi characters. In addition, various new characters have been introduced alongside Jake Sully and Neytiri. So, who are the actors and actresses behind these new faces? 


First, there’s Sam Worthington playing the role of Jake Sully. It is known that he has surpassed various other famous names, such as Matt Damon, Chris Evans, and Channing Tatum, in order to secure the role. On the other hand, Zoe Saldaña is director James Cameron’s first pick for the role of Neytiri, and is now the star of the 2 highest-grossing movies of all time. 


Alongside the main duo, “Avatar: The Way of Water” also introduced a new couple, the Metkayina clan chief Tonowari and his wife, Ronal. The characters, played by Cliff Curtis and “Titanic” star Kate Winslet, rule over the aquatic habitat that Jake Sully’s family has moved to. According to Kate Winslet, in order to deliver the best portrayal of her role, she held her breath for a whooping 7 minutes. 

Sam Worthington Zoe Saldana

Next, the main villain Miles Quaritch, played by famous actor Steven Lang, also returned. Despite being killed by Neytiri during the first film, he was resurrected in an avatar “embedded with the memories of human”. 

avatar cast
avatar cast

Now, let’s look into the true identities behind young characters of the 2nd “Avatar” movie. 

First, Jake Sully and Neytiri now take care of 4 children. Their adopted teenage daughter, Kiri, is played by actress Sigourney Weaver, who is in her 70s. The actress assumed the role of Dr. Grace Augustine in the first film, but this character was killed during a major conflict. 

avatar 2 cast thumbnail

Next, there is Jake and Neytiri’s first son and oldest child Neteyam, who is expected to manage his siblings and keep them out of danger. This new character is played by Jamie Flatters, who was born in the year 2000 and recently drew attention for his appearance in “The School of Good and Evil”. 


Compared to Neteyam, Jake Sully and Neytiri’s 2nd son Lo’ak has an adventurous spirit, and constantly aroused concerns from his parents. This intriguing character is assumed by the 2001-born Britain Dalton, who briefly appeared in “Ready Player One”. 

Jake Sully avatar 2
Britain Dalton avatar 2

Finally, Tuk, the youngest and softest sibling, is played by Asian-American child actress Jo-Li Bliss, who is making her big screen debut through this role. 

avatar 2
Trinity Jo-Li avatar 2

New faces who come from the Metkayina clan were also introduced. In particular, Tonowari and Ronal has one son called Aonung and one daughter called Reya. They are played by actor Filip Geijo (born in 2002) and actress Bailey Bass (born in 2003), respectively. 

filip geljo avatar
Filip Geljo as Aonung
bailey bass avatar
Bailey Bass as Reya

Finally, Miles “Spider” Socorro is perhaps the most special character in “Avatar: The Way of Water”. He is a human left behind in “Pandora” after the events of the first film, who grows up on this planet and considers himself a true Na’Vi. He is played by the young actor Jack Champion. 

jack champion avatar 2

“Avatar: The Way of Water” is currently airing in cinemas in various countries.

Source: k14, Screen Rant, Total Film

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