The one question Jennie doesn’t dare to answer because of Yang Hyunsuk

When it comes to dating, Jennie suddenly doesn't know about anything.

Jennie recently appeared on SBS-TV’s ‘Village Survival 8-1000‘ which aired on the 14th. There was a scene where she played a hint game with the members.

Yoo Jae-suk asked questions to decide which member to  be on which team. “Do you have any celebrities you’ve always had in mind?” he asked.

Most of them answered right away without any worries. Yang Se-hyung picked actress Jeon Ji-hyun as his celebrity ideal type. Jang Do-yeon picked actor Park Jung-min.

But Jennie didn’t say anything and just looked up. Yang Se-hyung said, “Jennie said she wanted to be in the same team as I did so she was going to follow my answer, but since we are talking about celebrities, she is just standing there.”

The next question was, “I’ve had a blind date with an entertainer.” Jennie was surprised as soon as she heard it and said, “What is this?” And she refused to answer, “I’ll just stand here!”

Other members asked, “Why don’t you answer that?” Jennie said, “I’m getting text messages from our president saying”I’m monitoring you,” mentioning Yang Hyun-suk, the CEO of YG.

Yoo Jae-suk said, “If you say yes, what would the message say?” Jennie said, “I think I’m going to receive, “I’ll kill you.”

There was an conversation earlier. “President texted me after watching the “naming words about Yang Hyun-suk” game. He said that he bursted out of laughing, but without any smiling emoji, so it was very scary.” Jennie said, making everyone laughed.

Source: Dispatch 

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