Netizens pointed out the most hated scene in “Squid Game”, stating it was more repulsive than the brutal scenes

As soon as its release, Netflix’s original drama “Squid Game” is gathering great attention and has been mentioned in a lot of topics every day.

While making headlines for its hard-to-swallow developments, the drama has recently received criticism for the bathroom scene. An article was posted on an online community not long ago titled, “A scene in Squid Game that makes you disgust the most.” This viewer mentioned the scene in episode 4 and said, “I saw a lot of people hate this scene much more than the brutal ones.” This person added, “I know this scene is likely to happen, but I think they made it too long.”

The scene that raised a huge wave of dissatisfaction from the audience was when Ma Nyeo (Kim Soo Ryeong) and Deok Su (Heo Sung Tae) were having sex in a restroom after forming an alliance with each other.

squid game
squid game
squid game

The two shared their love physically and promised not to betray each other. Some netizens shared the same idea with the post’s author; they commented, “My whole family was watching when this scene came up, I was embarrassed”, “There was no reason to show it in that way.”

squid game

However, some movie fans expressed opposite ideas, such as, “This is a necessary scene that contributes to the ending of the 2 characters”, “I like it; it’s a kind of cliché scene anyway.” Meanwhile, “Squid Game” tells the story of people who risk their lives in a mysterious survival game in order to become the winner of 45.6 billion won.

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