The influencer who crashed IU’s shoulder at Cannes apologized then bragged “wonderful moment with IU”… Is she seeking attention?

The France influencer, who hit IU on the shoulder at the Cannes Film Festival apologized after controversies arose but netizens suspected that she was using the issue for fame.

Influencer Maria Travel attended the Premiere Red Carpet Event for Hirokazu Kore-eda’s “Broker”, which was invited to the 75th Cannes Film Festival, held at the Lumiere Theatre on May 26th (local time). 

IU Cannes 75th

While passing the red carpet venue, the influencer bumped into IU and hit her shoulder violently, causing controversy to break out. In particular, Maria received harsh criticism from fans as she was caught not apologizing to IU after crashing into her on the live broadcast.

cannes iu

Therefore, IU fans from all over the world flocked to Maria’s SNS account and demanded an apology. Eventually, the influencer posted a video on her Instagram Story and said, “I would like to apologize to Korean actor Lee Ji-eun. It is because I pushed her on the Red Carpet by mistake. I never wanted to do that to her, or to anyone else”.


However, shortly after posting her apology video, Maria uploaded an Instagram Reel video along with the caption “What a wonderful moment during the movie Broker with IU”. The influencer used IU’s song “Heart” as the background music and even tagged IU’s account.

Because of this, many netizens and fans raised suspicions that Maria Travel was using the incident to gain fame. Even if she just accidentally hit IU’s shoulder on the Red Carpet, the video she released after her apology was kind of an act to attract attention.


In the comment section under Maria’s Reel video, there are different opinions. Some said “She already apologized so stop bothering her”. Meanwhile, others got angry, saying “Such a bad attitude”, “She even used IU’s song… this got me so mad”, “She’s absolutely an attention seeker”, etc. In addition, many people told fans to stop giving attention to Maria Travel.

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