BoA Hints At Her Retirement Through SNS Post?

Fans are raising concerns over BoA’s retirement based on the hints in the female singer’s recent Instagram posts

On April 6th, BoA wrote on her SNS account, saying “If my contract ends, I can ‘drop out’, right?”, causing fans to worry.

Since BoA wrote “운퇴” instead of “은퇴 (retire)”, some fans explained, “Maybe she’s talking about leaving the gym (운동퇴근)”. However, others believed that it was a typo, saying “Leaving the gym has nothing to do with the contract”.

Fans speculate that BoA seems to need some rest as she has been so tired of life in the entertainment industry. Amid controversial opinions, BoA released another post, saying, “It was a typo. It’s ‘은퇴’ (retire)”.

Earlier on March 29th, BoA expressed discomfort over malicious comments from on SNS, saying “If I don’t take care of my appearance, you swear at me, but even if I do, you still swear at me”, adding “You guys told me to gain weight when I lost too much weight, but after I gained weight, you said I looked like a pig”. 


She criticized haters, saying “I don’t know how you guys look, but don’t waste your time in life for things like this. Sorry but I’m BoA”. 

Later on the 30th, BoA appeared on Channel A’s “NewsA” and shared, “I hope that celebrities, who always have to show their lives to the public, don’t have to face such frustration”. 

BoA appeared in the drama “Marry My Husband”, which recently ended in February. During the broadcasting period, many viewers criticized her visual, saying her lips looked unnatural. As plastic surgery controversy arose, BoA explained on her SNS that her lips looked like that due to her habit of biting her lips. Despite her explanation, slanders and malicious postings from haters continue to spread.

boa-marry my husband

As such, fans are worried that BoA is considering retiring due to the pressure from haters and calling out people to stop interfering with celebrities’ private life issues. 

Meanwhile, BoA made her debut with her first full album “ID; Peace B” in August 2000. The female singer will celebrate her 23rd debut anniversary this year. Throughout her career, BoA has released various hit songs such as “No.1”, “Atlantis Princess”, etc., and was a pioneer for K-pop to enter the Japanese market. 

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