Couples Who Revealed Married Life on TV Announced Divorces Continuously

Several couples who appeared on entertainment programs together and unveiled their married lives recently divorced

Park Ji-yoon and Choi Dong-seok ended their married life after 14 years, while Rhymer and Ahn Hyun-mo also divorced after 6 years of marriage.

Park Ji-yoon Choi Dong-seok

On October 31st, the agency reported that Park Ji-yoon filed for a settlement of divorce from Choi Dong-seok with the Jeju District Court through her legal representative. After that, Park Ji-yoon said on her SNS, “I don’t want the children to be hurt by their parents’ issues. I will take strong responses against the spread of rumors and false information”.

At that time, some argued that Choi Dong-seok had been making SNS posts seemingly targeting Park Ji-yoon. His posts contained messages, such as “I’m not getting back to the woman who cheated”, etc. However, after netizens began to make speculations, he issued a statement, saying “Please refrain from spreading false information about us. If this situation continues, I will react strongly.”

After working together as KBS announcers, Park Ji-yoon and Choi Dong-seok got married in 2009. They had a daughter in October of the following year and a son in 2014. Before their divorce, the two often posted affectionate selfies on SNS.

After the shock of Park Ji-yoon and Choi Dong-seok’s divorce, the news of Brand New CEO & rapper Rhymer divorcing from interpreter Ahn Hyun-mo continued to shock everyone.

rhymer ahn hyun mo

On November 6th, Brand New Music released an official position, announcing that the two had completed their divorce process. 

As such, netizens said they had actually predicted the divorce after re-examining the couple’s appearance on SBS’s “Same Bed, Different Dreams 2” in 2019 and a tvN program last year with confessions about conflicts.

In “Same Bed, Different Dreams 2”, the two talked about their different opinions on having children. While Ahn Hyun-mo confessed that she didn’t want to have children after watching her nephews and nieces, Rhymer insisted that they needed a child. On the tvN program last year, the couple complained about differences in personalities and lifestyles. Ahn Hyun-mo did not like Rhymer to go fishing and play golf so often. When asked, “If one of us dies, would it be okay for the other to remarry?”, Ahn Hyun-mo said, “Yes, I think he should meet someone who can live the life he wants”.

Announcing their divorce, Rhymer and Ahn Hyun-mo repeatedly promised not to slander each other.

Source: Wikitree 

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