“It’s really hard for reporters to make ends meet”… The identity of the reporter who showed a fierce dance on the 9 o’clock news

A video of a reporter showing a trendy dance on the news is heating up online.

The reporter, who did the “New Thing Challenge”, which caused a craze on social media (SNS), drew laughter from netizens with her sloppy dance skills.

On Sep 28th, a video titled “A reporter did the New Thing Challenge on the 9 o’clock news” was uploaded on SNS such as Instagram and online communities such as DC Inside Gallery.

In the video, the reporter said, “As the popularity of the dance contest program ‘Street Man Fighter’ increases, more and more people are learning this dance. I participated in it, too.”

The reporter then performed the choreography of the song “New Thing” released by singer Zico as a mission song for “Street Man Fighter”.

The reporter showed passionate movements without paying attention to the eyes of pedestrians in the alley. She finished the broadcast after saying, “This was the 9 o’clock news Heo Mi-jin.”

Netizens who saw this responded greatly to the enthusiastic reporter’s appearance.

They left comments such as “She dances better than me”, “She lives hard”, “It’s really hard for reporters to make ends meet”, “What’s wrong with the news these days?”, “Reporters these days have to even dance”…

Netizens who watched this through YouTube were also impressed and interested in her efforts.

However, in fact, the video was not an actual news, but a YouTube content produced in the short form.

The reporter was a comedian working as a creator.

The main character in the video is Heo Mi-jin, who debuted through tvN’s “Comedy Big League” in 2017. She is currently running the YouTube channel “Pig Dinosaur” and presenting various funny contents.

Source: wikitree

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