“Spend Christmas together…” Which idol is having lovestagram with BLACKPINK Jisoo?

BLACKPINK Jisoo is showing off strong womance through SNS (social network service). Her partner is WJSN Bona.

On June 24th, a number of posts were uploaded on online communities and SNS, saying that Jisoo and Bona were enjoying lovestagram.

Lovestagram” is a combination of “love” and “Instagram“. It refers to Instagram posts that show affection for one’s lover.

In summary, the two drew attention by authenticating the same shoes and interior accessories on SNS. In particular, Jisoo visited the filming site of the drama “Twenty-Five Twenty-One” starring Bona in November last year, and even presented a coffee truck.


Bona spent Christmas that year at Jisoo’s house. She also recently revealed through private messages that she is using a separate messenger for Jisoo, saying, “It’s difficult to check Kakao Talk because there are a lot of calls and messages.

wjsn bona instagram

The two are known to have made friends after meeting on a music show. It is said that Bona picked Jisoo as the idol she wanted to get to know first. Jisoo also expressed her desire to get close to Bona, so they quickly became close.

Netizens are showing various reactions to the unexpected friendship between the two, such as “Please go together for a long time”, “It’s true love to keep in touch separately” and “Let’s pretend we don’t know.”

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