The identity of the actor who made Shin Ae-ra exclaimed that he should rather live alone

Lee Kyu-han has recently been loved for his love line with Choi Yeo-jin in the entertainment show “As You Wish.”

Actress Shin Ae-ra is a hot topic recently due to her straightforward “hits” toward actor Lee Kyu-han.

In MBN’s “Random Tour- As You Wish” (hereinafter referred to as “As You Wish”), which aired on Sep 29th, the 2nd day of Shin Ae-ra, Park Ha-sun, Choi Yeo-jin, and Lee Kyu-han’s trip to Yeoncheon, Gyeonggi-do, was revealed.

In the broadcast on this day, Lee Kyu-han surprised Shin Ae-ra and Choi Yeo-jin by saying, “I woke up at dawn, took a shower, and watched Son Heung-min’s game.” Then he confessed, “The writer must have been surprised when I texted them ‘I’m ready.'”

Choi Yeo-jin then asked, “Didn’t everyone wake up (at that time)?” and said, “Ever since I became a celebrity, no one has never woke me up when I sleep in.” Lee Kyu-han also agreed with Choi Yeo-jin, saying, “Me, too.”

To those two, Shin Ae-ra drew laughter by saying, “You two are amazing, you should get married if your biorhythms match this well.”

In addition, Lee Kyu-han said, “The compulsion to wake up early runs in my family. I once had a lunch appointment with my father at 12 o’clock, but I got a confirmation call from my father at 7, 8:30, 9:30, and 10:30 in the morning.”

After hearing this, Shin Ae-ra said, “Kyu Han, but you… I think it might be good for you to just live alone,” she said straightforwardly.

She said, “There is no one who can match your pattern, and even if you don’t ask them to do it, I think they would still be stressed just by looking at you no matter how modest they are,” and Lee Kyu-han also admitted Ae-ra’s opinion.

Meanwhile, Lee Kyu-han has recently been receiving a lot of love for his love line with Choi Yeo-jin on “As You Wish”.

In particular, Choi Yeo-jin surprised everyone by confessing that she liked her male friend Lee Kyu-han in the past.

She revealed that she really liked Lee Kyu-han. She added that there was a scene in which she confessed her love in a proposal-like way during the drama’s filming, and her heart was pounding sincerely.

Hearing Choi Yeo-jin’s confession, Lee Kyu-han caused laughter as he responded, “You should have told me.”

Lee Kyu-han and Choi Yeo-jin appeared together in MBC’s daily sitcom “More Charming by the Day” (2010) and worked together as partners.

In particular, at the press conference at that time, Lee Kyu-han revealed that Choi Yeo-jin secretly expected a kiss scene about the love line between them in the work, drawing attention.

Regarding this, Choi Yeo-jin expressed her expectations for the love line honestly, “I feel romantic feelings while filming the sitcom. I often feel nervous while reading the script.”

Lee Kyu-han and Choi Yeo-jin, who formed such a strange atmosphere, are now showing fluttering chemistry across the boundaries of male and female friends on “As You Wish” after 12 years.

Expectations are high on how the two will continue their “push and pull” atmosphere on “As You Wish”.

On the other hand, “As You Wish” is a hyper-realism travel program with 100% purity and no plan in which the cast will go on a trip with real friends.

Source: daum

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