Honey Lee Shows How She Practiced Action Scenes: From Wire-hanging Stunts To Horseback Riding

Starring Honey Lee, “Knight Flower” recorded a double-digit viewer rating of 10.8% after releasing only three episodes. The drama soared to 11% in episode 4, which aired on January 20th. Taking on the female lead role, Honey Lee raised viewers’ immersion in the story with her perfect action scenes and detailed acting. 

On the 19th, the actress uploaded a new video on her official YouTube channel showing how she practiced hard to portray “Knight Flower” Jo Yeo-hwa to the point that 24 hours a day was not enough. 

honey lee

Honey Lee continued her hard work by reading her script, practicing action scenes, calligraphy, ink painting, and horseback riding ahead of the first shoot.

First, she visited a calligraphy academy and showed her enthusiasm for brush and ink. From grinding ink to applying ink to the brush, Honey Lee devoted herself to mastering calligraphy with meticulous strokes. As she became into ink painting, the actress kept practicing until the white paper turned black.

Honey Lee then came to an action school. Although she expressed concerns over not practicing stunts for a long time, after a few warm-up exercises, she completed various practices such as wire-hanging kicks and swordplay training. She even synchronized his movements for one-take action scenes without a break, showcasing her determination.

After mastering the action scenes, Honey Lee caught the eyes of viewers as she transformed into a horseback riding master. Recalling old memories of the first class, she received praise from the instructor after reenacting the stunts and easily handling the horse. The actress also impressed everyone with her skillful communication with horses.

Source: Daum

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