The group that Kang Sung-hoon mentioned in his past blunt remark, “Idols these days are ugly”

Due to this incident, Kang’s name suddenly appeared in the top search keywords.

Kang Sung-hoon, who withdrew from the group SechsKies and terminated his exclusive contract with his management agency YG Entertainment, is in the center of attention once again after one of his remarks in the past is dug up. Due to this incident, Kang’s name suddenly appeared in top search keywords.

A video titled “Kang Sung-hoon’s thoughtless words” is spreading to various communities on May 13th. The video shows him talking in front of fans in the past. Wearing white pants and a shirt, Kang Sung-hoon mentioned and criticized the younger singers’ appearance in his conversation with fans while sitting on the table. He was talking about his height when he changed the topic by saying, “I think idols these days are ugly. They look so dirtily ugly at the salon. Why is that?”. The fans, who were listening to the story, responded by saying, “That’s right.”

Kang Sung-hoon stressed several times that they were “dirtily ugly” and that there skin is also dirty. When asked by fans who looked ugly, he answered, “How can I mention who they are?”

“There hasn’t been any good-looking idol since TVXQ,” said Kang Sung-hoon. When a fan asked him “How about the group BTOB who you met last time?”, he answered, “How could I say that it was them I was talking about.”


“(If I was the producer), I’ll pick them by their face. If you’re a celebrity, you should look good,” he said.

It has not been confirmed why Kang Sung-hoon’s past slip of the tongue was suddenly made public even though he’s not active at the moment. The YouTube channel, which released the original video, once posted a video demanding an explanation from Kang Sung-hoon about the unilateral cancelation of his fan meeting in Taiwan in the past.

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Sources: Nate

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