“The Glory” Kim Hieora was bullied by classmates for looking different 

In “The Glory”, Kim Hieora transforms into drug addict Lee Sa Ra, who bullied the female lead in the past. Here, the actress delivered an excellent performance, to the point she gives viewers goosebumps. 

Kim Hieora

Born in 1989, Kim Hieora originally debuted as a stage actress. She joined the entertainment industry in 2009, but struggled to make her own name. It was only until 2021 did she landed her first official TV drama role. 

Prior to “The Glory”, Kim Hieora played a supporting role in “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, and was praised for her acting skills. However, it was her portrayal as Lee Sa Ra that boosted the actress to fame. 

Kim Hieora the glory

According to Kim Hieora, her name, which was given by her father, means “to live beautifully”. She is also extremely proud of her unusual name, which always raises questions wherever she goes. At the same time, Kim Hieora also stands out with her “cool” and “cold” visuals, which make her a perfect fit for Lee Sa Ra. 

Kim Hieora also inherited her mother’s amber eyes, which is uncommon in Korea. Though some classmates bullied her for the uncommon eye colors, the actress is proud about them, for they help her stand out in the Korean show-biz. 

It is worth noting that Kim Hieora also shares a similar characteristic with her character, Lee Sa Ra, in “The Glory”,  which is her painting talent. In real life, besides acting, Kim Hieora is also known as a painter. She has created some works and held a solo exhibition under her own name in 2018, and is recognized for her painting skills.

kim hieora

Regarding this, Kim Hieora confessed that since she was not professionally trained in art, she lacked basic skills. “I don’t think I’m that good, but I’m fearless and always strive to do my best,” she said.

In February 2020, Kim Hieora opened a cafe in Daehangno – a vibrant area famous for trendy bars, student coffee shops, as well as artistic hangouts. Regarding this, the actress said that her initial intention was to create a complex space related to art.

Kim Hieora

The actress also shared that her next dream is to open a clothing store. The reason comes from her desire to buy clothes for her nephew.  According to Kim Hieora, when she first started in the industry, there were times when she couldn’t even make 1 million won per month. At that time, even though she really wanted to buy nice clothes for her nephew, she couldn’t afford it. Now, however, Kim Hieora has the ability to give her nephew the best things.

Source: k14

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