“The Glory” actor Park Sung Hoon is a “golden spoon” in real life, “He’s a ‘mutant’ in his elite family consisting of people graduating from law/med schools”

Actor Park Sung Hoon’s ‘golden spoon’ family has been unveiled.

tvN’s “Free Doctor” broadcast on February 27th revealed the ranking of real “youngest son of a chaebol family” stars.

park sung hoon

Park Sung Hoon was named in 6th place for his elite family background.

Park Sung Hoon recently draws attention with his realistic acting performance as the villain Jeon Jae Joon in Netflix’s drama “The Glory”. The actor made headlines when he was revealed to be an eomchina who graduated from a foreign langue high school. (*eomchina: refers to an outstanding person whom parents usually compare their own child with).

Park Sung Hoon’s family also consists of many members with high education. Since his family members mostly graduated from law schools and med schools, the actor is known to have been raised in a fairly wealthy family.

An entertainment reporter said, “He’s one of the most anticipated actors this year. Park Sung Hoon acts as Jeon Jae Joon, a chaebol son who inherited a golf course from his father. In real life, he’s also a son of a wealthy family. Except for Park Sung Hoon, most of his family members studied at law schools and medical schools”, adding “Therefore, Park Sung Hoon was nicknamed a ‘mutant’ in his family as they all wonder ‘How can there be a kid with a different talent born from our genes?’. What’s important is that Park Sung Hoon was able to achieve success in his own field because the actor’s talent received full support from his father.”

park sung hoon

In addition, P.O. (Pyo Ji Hoon), an actor and Block B member, is a family member of famous psychiatrist Pyo Jin In. In fact, P.O.’s father is also running the No.1 online duty-free shop in Korea. BTOB member Yook Sung Jae whose father is the CEO of a vacuum cleaner parts manufacturing company ranked 4th. 

3rd place went to singer Lee Sang Soon whose grandfather is the owner of H BBQ House in Haeundae, Busan that earns more than 10 billion won in annual sales. Actor Lee Yi Kyung, whose father was the president of L large company, ranked 2nd. Lastly, 1st place went to Son Seok Gu, who has been serving as the CEO of machine tool manufacturing company G in Daejeon before making his debut as an actor.

Source: Daum

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