Police Denies Possibility Of Summoning ‘G-Dragon’s Friend’ Actor B For Drug Investigation

The police responded to rumors of an investigation expansion due to K’s revelation of actor B’s drug use 

In a recent phone call with Dispatch, the Incheon Metropolitan Police Agency firmly stated, “Actor B is not subject to the investigation. We have no plan to summon B as mentioned in articles”.

On November 24th, KBS exclusively reported that two more celebrities were suspected of taking drugs. They said, “Female director K of entertainment establishment G made an additional statement mentioning more celebrities with drug suspicions”, emphasizing the possibility of an investigation expansion.


According to KBS, K changed their statement during the police investigation, saying “I didn’t see G-Dragon take drugs. He went to the restroom with actor B and stayed there for a long time. They didn’t drink alcohol but their eyes look tiring.” 

In fact, the police have been investigating celebrities, such as G-Dragon and Lee Sun-kyun, only based on K’s statement and phone conversations. In the case of G-Dragon, there was a text on her phone that said, “GD came to my place (entertainment establishment G). There was cocaine in the restroom”.


After G-Dragon voluntarily attended the police summons to clarify the drug allegations and tested negative in all drug tests, K suddenly began to target B. She said, “The eyes of B, who came together with GD, looked tiring”, raising a drug suspicion. Relying on this statement, KBS published an exclusive report about a possible investigation expansion.


It seems that the police are no longer swayed by K’s statements easily. They immediately dismissed the news, saying “We are not going to summon everyone just because their names were mentioned”.

Source: Daum

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