“The Escape of the Seven” episodes 5 and 6 get rated for viewers aged 19 and above

SBS’s Friday-Saturday drama “The Escape of the Seven” raised the stakes by getting rated for viewers aged 19 and above

In behind-the-scenes photos released by the production team on Sep 27th, the actors enhanced the essence of a Picaresque revenge drama. As the episodes progress, the villains become bolder and more audacious in their crimes. The anticipation for the swift retribution by the “Punisher” Matthew Lee (Um Ki-joon) intensifies. In the midst of this, Um Ki-joon’s bright smile as he gears up for his role as the “Punisher” against the malicious criminals attracts attention. His unique aura as he raises a toast to the camera further heightens expectations for his appearance. Matthew Lee, the CEO of the biggest mobile platform company in Korea “Tikitaka”, is the villains’ tormentor and the mastermind behind the survival game. The unfolding story of Matthew Lee and the criminals is a must-watch plot point, and viewers are eagerly awaiting Matthew Lee’s intense performance.

the escape of the seven

The behind-the-scenes shots of the actors who have brought to life these unique villains are intriguing. Unlike their on-screen personas as ruthless antagonists, the actors appear to have a warm camaraderie off-camera, showcasing their seamless teamwork.

the escape of the seven

Hwang Jung-eum, who received praise for her transformation into an unscrupulous character as Geum Ra-hee, the CEO of a drama production company, is particularly drawing attention. Geum Ra-hee, who used even her own daughter to achieve her desires, was a manifestation of greed.

Lee Joon, who plays Min Do-hyeok, a man who was born without any dreams or hopes, was captured focused on the filming. His character is like a time bomb, unpredictable but deeply human. After losing his family due to Yang Jin-mo (Yoon Jong-hoon)’s scheme, viewers are curious about the awakening Min Do-hyeok will experience and the repercussions of his transformation.

the escape of the seven

Lee Yu-bi shone brightly in her role as Han Mo-ne, hiding the devil within her behind an angelic face. She flawlessly portrayed Han Mo-ne’s dangerous desires and duplicity as she built a sandcastle of lies to escape her nightmarish reality and used any means necessary to overcome crises. Han Mo-ne was willing to sacrifice her friend Bang Da-mi (Jung Ra-el) to achieve her dreams. Her ruthless manipulation and cruel nature raise questions about whether she can escape the retribution of the “Punisher”.

the escape of the seven

The on and off-screen chemistry of the actors, who engage in intense villainous acting on set but return to a friendly atmosphere when the cameras are off, is heartwarming.

The production team stated, “The ‘Punisher’ will make a full-fledged appearance now. The villains, who committed heinous acts without hesitation, will once again reveal their madness in the face of the crisis that befall them. Please look forward to how the villains will counteract the survival game designed by the ‘Punisher.’ As the episodes progress, the true value of the actors will shine even brighter.

the escape of the seven

Meanwhile, episodes 5 and 6 of “The Escape of the Seven” will be rated for viewers aged 19 and above. Episode 5 will air at 10:20 PM on Sep 29th.

Source: Nate

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