The bitter punishment for German sasaeng fan after many days of stalking Nayeon and TWICE

Josh1994 and his family’s personal life are seriously threatened after he angered the ONCE community.

The bitter punishment for German sasaeng fan after many days of stalking Nayeon and TWICE

These days, TWICE members have had a hard time due to being stalked by a stranger. The stalker, Josh1994, has openly expressed his love for Nayeon and plans to go to Korea to meet the female idol. Although JYP Entertainment has sent him many warnings, this sasaeng fan still stubbornly tracked his idol and has caused a lot of fuss.

Nayeon Stalker a

Most recently, this guy leaked the phone number of member Chaeyoung on social networks, causing her to receive thousands of anonymous messages and calls. Unable to put up with it anymore, the idol posted her warning to Josh with extremely strong words. JYP Entertainment announced the tightening of security in TWICE’s schedule, and gathered evidence to take legal action with this sasaeng fan.


ONCE also did not stay still when troubles came to their idols. According to what fans have investigated, Josh is originally from a powerful family. His father is the CEO of a large jewelry company in Germany. Perhaps that is why Josh has the money and time to go to Korea to pursue the idols. After discovering the identity of TWICE’s sasaeng fan, netizens virtually attacked Josh’s family and friends in order to prevent his sasaeng behavior. This made Josh very panicked and start begging for TWICE and netizens’ forgiveness.

“People are even threatening my friends & family now. 

Can someone tell Chaeyoung that i am sorry and ask her if she could please delete the Twicetagram Message?

Please, i never wanted to bother anyone and i am sorry.

CHAEYOUNG, please delete the Twicetagram message. It hurts me. Did you know that a lot of fans are threatening to hurt me right now? It’s not fair. Do you have any idea how I feel about all this hatred? Why are you doing this? I don’t mean to bother you. Think about how I feel.”


In addition, Josh announced that he would leave Korea to return to Germany. Netizens said that this man is getting a bitter end after causing so much pain in the neck to TWICE.

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