“The biggest problem of JYP is that it is doing too well”, Park Jin-young said

JYP’s CEO Park Jin-young has shown a special affection for his company.

On Mnet ‘Super Intern’ which was first aired on the 24th, Park Jin-young was seen in the conference room to recruit new staffs for JYP Entertainment.

Park Jin-young has found genuine employees for the company. “The problem with our company is that it is doing so well,” he said. “It’s too bad. I mean it. It’s doing so well,” he said while letting out a laugh.

But he predicted that this boom could be a poison. “The better we are, the more we need someone to criticize our company and analyze it calmly,” he said. “Let’s go to the recruitment exhibition. When on stage I’m a singer but I’m here to recruit for the company.

Park Jin-young was confident that he could understand the hardships of the new employees. “I think I can understand the frustration that today’s teenagers are feeling,” he said, “I started as a backdancer and now I’m sitting here.

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