The auction for the Mercedes-Benz G used by BTS Jungkook exceeded 400 million in bid price but was suddenly suspended

A car known to have been owned by BTS Jungkook was put on an auction open market, but the auction was suddenly stopped as the bid price rose up to 400 million won.

Seoul Auction’s auction open market BLACKLOT abruptly stopped the bidding for Mercedes-Benz AMG G 63 Edition, known as “Jungkook’s car”, a few hours before the auction deadline. They released a notice, saying “We suspended the auction as many bidders may suffer damage due to cases with unverified identities”. This happened after the auction price rose to 420 million won excluding the car registration tax.

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It is already unusual for a car to appear on an art auction platform rather than a court auction. Seoul Auction posted it in the “special auction” section because “this vehicle was personally purchased new and used by a global celebrity”. According to rumors, the former owner of the car is BTS Jungkook. Jungkook reportedly bought this car in 2019 under his name and drove it for two years. Some articles also said that Jungkook used to have a minor collision with a taxi while driving this Mercedes-Benz in 2019, and Seoul Auction also introduced the car with a purple background that symbolizes BTS.

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It is estimated that Jungkook purchased the car at around the mid-200 million won range. The starting price of the auction is 150 million won, which is about 45 million won cheaper than the market price of this model on a secondhand car site in the same year. With the description of “being used by BTS’s golden maknae Jungkook”, the bid price jumped to 300 million won 3 days before the auction ended, and soared to over 400 million won on the last day. Suseong Motor Co.’s dealer Yoon Se Jong said, “Considering the repair history, the appropriate price for this secondhand car is estimated to be around 200 million won”, adding “But it reached up to 400 million won. BTS’s impact is so amazing”.

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In fact, many global fans also joined the bid. In this regard, Seoul Auction said, “This Mercedes-Benz will be resold after we prepare countermeasures against problems. We will announce the schedule in advance”, and suspended the auction a few hours before the deadline. 

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Meanwhile, Jungkook sang the official OST “Dreamers” at the 2022 Qatar World Cup’s opening ceremony on November 20th. The lyrics “Look who we are, we are the dreamers” perfectly express the challenging and fighting spirit of the World Cup. The video of Jungkook’s performance on the Youtube channel of FIFA attracted keen attention and exceeded 2.6 million views in 7 hours. 

Source: Joongang

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