“Business Proposal” actor Kim Minkyu used to train with Kpop group SEVENTEEN?

Turns out, famous actor Kim Minkyu once aspired to become a Kpop idol before switching to acting. 

In the latest episode of Radio Star, Kim Minkyu, who recently starred in hit K-drama series “A Business Proposal”, shared that he used to be an idol trainee. 

A Business Proposal

I used to spend a short time preparing to become a Kpop idol. At the time, I didn’t know what my team would debut as, but I actually practiced with SEVENTEEN for around a month. I later realized that I wasn’t that good at singing, was bad at dancing, and held a deeper passion for acting”, the actor said. 


At this revelation, fans of both actor Kim Minkyu and Kpop group SEVENTEEN expressed their excitement. In addition, they pointed out a strange coincidence that SEVENTEEN also has a member named Kim Mingyu (or Kim Minkyu). 

Previously, actor Kim Minkyu had revealed he was friends with SEVENTEEN Kim Mingyu. 

Kim Min Kyu

Kim Minkyu recently drew great attention through his role as secretary Cha Sung Hoon of romcom series “Business Proposal”, and even went viral for a heated kissing scene where he took off his glasses half-way through. In 2017, he also became the talk of town for his beautiful singing voice in the Korean music show “I Can See Your Voice 4”. 

Kim Min Kyu
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