Thai media caused outrage when smearing BLACKPINK Jennie and her fans following Lisa being unfairly treated by YG

Fans are frustrated because Jennie has to deal with cruel comments from Thai media outlets.

On October 7, a Thai Twitter news account called Thai Enquirer posted an article related to the issue of Lisa not being allowed by YG to attend fashion events in France. Although this post is not related to Jennie, her name is still mentioned. Immediately after, Jennie is criticized by netizens, claiming that the female rapper is the reason why the maknae Lisa is being treated unfairly.

When fans started defending Jennie and asked for an apology, an author from Thai Enquirer even sarcastically laughed at Jenstan (Jennie’s fan). This person said that if they reach 100,000 followers today, they will issue an official apology to Jennie. Obviously, this is an action to draw attention on purpose.

This is not the first time Thailand has disrespected Jennie. Around July 2021, a Thai cosmetic company ran an article ad on Twitter with the caption “Jennie should not appear and exist in BLACKPINK”. Fans were extremely angry and demanded that the brand apologize.

In response to the outrage of Jenstan, this cosmetics brand had to immediately apologize. Their promotional campaign was also forced to stop.

Before that, another Thai news site also caused controversy when claiming that Jennie was YG’s lover, so she was biased as the first member to debut solo. Fans can’t help but be outraged at the bad actions that the press in Thailand has done to Jennie, regardless of the reason.

blackpink lisa jennie

Many fans always accuse Korean people of being racist against Lisa, because she is a Southeast Asian idol, so she is not well-loved and supported. But looking at how the Thai media channels treat Jennie, fans cannot see any difference. Netizens also think that Thai people don’t like Jennie and always hold the prejudice that the female idol makes Lisa suffer in BLACKPINK.

After many times Jennie gets disrespected by Lisa’s home country, netizens claim that fans of the Thai female idol can stop blaming Knets or using racism as an excuse to stand up for their bias. BLACKPINK members should be treated equally instead of getting unnecessary criticism.

blackpink lisa jennie

Source: K14, Twitter

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