Take a look at some of the most magnificent lightstick ocean in the history of K-pop

Take a look at some of the most magnificent lightstick ocean in the history of K-pop

Let’s all take a look at how fans create such beautiful “lightstick ocean” as a present for their idols.

As a concert essential item, the lightstick has been considered as one of the fandom’s weapon. Each idol group will have their own original lightstick design and colors, making it a special aspect of K-pop fandom culture. As a result, the lightsticks have created numerous magnificent “light ocean” at concerts, impressed even the non-fans.


One of the most legendary “lightstick ocean” of EXO-L must be the one from EXO Planet #2 – The EXO’luXion at Tokyo Dome in 2015. At that time, the fandom was suffering from the departure of members Kris, Luhan and Tao. When the song “Promise” started, thousands of EXO-L turned on their lightsticks to show the beautifully-arranged “EXO – WE ARE ONE” to the members.


Right after the official release of the ARMY Bomb (their official lightstick), the fans had put their hands together to surprised the BTS boys by creating a dazzling “lightstick ocean”.


The yellow crown-shaped lightstick have been together with BIG BANG and VIP for more than 10 years. The lightstick holds thousands of precious memories of every concert they have been to.

Cassiopeia – TVXQ

Cassiopeia’s Red Ocean has always been TVXQ’s pride at every concert. Using the color red as their symbol color, Cassiopeia’s lightsticks are always more eye-catching comparing to the other “lightstick’s ocean”

Sone – SNSD

To most of the veteran K-pop fans, pink is definitely the color of SNSD. And Pink Ocean like those below will always be one of the most prideful aspect of their career.

Panda – A PINK

APINK is not just widely-known as the girlgroup with one of the loudest fanchant ever, but also as the group with one of the most impressive “lightstick ocean”, even for non-fans.


Blue Sapphire Ocean, for years, have been the pride of ELF at every K-pop concerts. More than just a beautiful sight, their “lightstick ocean” is seen as a proof for the wonderful relationship between SUPER JUNIOR and their fans.

Does taking a look as these magnificent ocean make you wanna join in the scene? Which one is the best “lightstick ocean”? Let us know!

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