Taeyeon’s Beauty Advice for Fans: “Don’t Be Too Frugal with Cosmetics”

In a recent interview, Taeyeon offered advice to her fans about cosmetics use

One curious fan posed a question that resonates with many women: “What does Taeyeon do with unused cosmetics, and how can one declutter without remorse?” Taeyeon’s response was both practical and thoughtful.

According to Taeyeon, the key is to find someone who will appreciate the unused items. She suggested, “If there are cosmetics you haven’t touched in over a year, it’s time to let them go. Pass them on to someone who will make good use of them.” 


Taeyeon, known for her down-to-earth nature, also emphasized the importance of recognizing cosmetics’ expiration dates. “I don’t believe in being too thrifty with cosmetics. They have a shelf life, and I buy them to use them. When applying makeup remover, don’t hesitate to use a generous amount on the cotton pad. If there’s excess, don’t waste it; apply it on your body. It’s better than letting it go unused and eventually throwing it away. Too much frugality can lead to unnecessary waste.”

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