Taeyeon seems to have lost more weight after renewing her legendary beauty at ‘SM Con’

Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon revealed her current situation by wearing a crop top.

On the 8th, Taeyeon posted several pictures on her Instagram. In the published photo, Taeyeon is wearing a crop top and cardigan. She made a playful expression that caught her attention.

snsd taeyeon instagram

In particular, Taeyeon’s narrow waistline caught the attention of fans. Taeyeon showed off her belly fat to the extent that the jeans she was wearing looked big.

Previously, Taeyeon was praised for renewing her legendary beauty at the ‘SMTOWN LIVE 2023: SMCU PALACE@KWANGYA’ concert.

snsd taeyeon instagram

Taeyeon caught the attention of fans by revealing a body that seemed to be thinner than at this time. Because of this, some people said, “I hope you eat more.”

Meanwhile, Taeyeon is participating as a member of the project group GOT the beat.

snsd taeyeon instagram

Source: insight

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