Tablo almost went bankrupt due to Kpop? Daughter likes BTS, SEVENTEEN, and Stray Kids

Epik High member Tablo has disclosed that his daughter, Haru, is a big fan of many idols, causing him to “almost went bankrupt”.

In a video published on July 28th on the YouTube channel ‘uhmg’, Epik High Tablo and Kim Jae Joong met and shared various stories.

During the meeting, Tablo mentioned his first encounter with Jae Joong, saying, “It was at the KBS restroom, at Music Bank when you just debuted. You debuted in the same year when I debuted. I was coming out of the restroom, and I ran into you. You guys said hi to me, but I was also new, so I said hi back.”


According to Tablo, it took Epik High 2 to 3 more years to gain popularity, while Jae Joong’s group at the time, TVXQ, debuted with “Hug”, which became a massive hit. 

Tablo then recalled the moment of winning 1st place for the first time, and mentioned that TVXQ was also nominated at the time for “Rising Sun”.

Regarding this, Jae Joong confessed that he didn’t remember that time well, before adding that he also competed with 1st generation powerhouses such as Seo Taiji and Rain.

Afterwards, Tablo talked about his daughter, Haru, saying that she once wrote “Ta” for her father’s name on the school newsletter.  

He also further added that his daughter likes BTS, Stray Kids, and SEVENTEEN, before lamenting that he needs to get something from the Kpop industry since he’s spending so much money on it. 


Tablo then blamed TVXQ for starting the trend of multiple versions for one album, saying, “You guys have started that. You guys were the first one. But the stone you guys slightly rolled, it now became a huge rock. There are 20 versions just for one album”

“She likes so many idol groups,” Tablo also said, adding, “Seriously, I’m not kidding. I have like a bunch of CDs. The employee selling the albums, that person could recognize who I am. So he thinks it’s really fun.”

Hearing this, Kim Jae Joong questioned, “People could have just listened to the music. Is it that necessary to buy a CD?”, to which Tablo jokingly responded, “It’s because of photocards. It’s also from you guys. Everything’s all because of you guys. The things I’ve bought. I almost went bankrupt.”

Moreover, Tablo mentioned that he has around 400 registered songs with the Copyright Association, of which about 20 are hit songs. Hearing this, Kim Jae Joong was amazed, commenting, “Then you can stop working now“, while Tablo playfully clapped his hands.

Source: Daum

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