Jung Hae In Made First Public Appearance After Rumor of Being VIP at Hostess Bar

In the past few days, Jung Hae In has become the focal point of discussions with suspicions that he is a regular customer, frequently “hunting young girls” at nightclubs in the case involving Lee Sun Kyun’s drug use. A YouTuber also revealed text messages between Jung Hae In and the female manager of the nightclub, Madam K (Kim Nam Hee). The topic “Jung Hae In is a regular at nightclubs” quickly climbed to the top of hot searches on Weibo and received a massive amount of interactions.

After two days of silence, the actor has made his first public appearance. Specifically, the male actor attended an event on December 7th with a very radiant and cheerful appearance. On his SNS, Jung Hae In posted a series of photos from the event along with words of thanks to the photographer. It can be said that Jung Hae In is completely unaffected by the rumors.

jung hae in

Initially, fans were shocked by the rumor that Jung Hae In often went to that notorious nightclub. However, later on, fans gradually shifted their focus, considering the male actor innocent and the rumors merely as “baseless gossip.”

In reality, there is no reputable media outlet in South Korea that reported this information. The only source was the YouTube channel Garo Sero, but it is not a reliable source. This YouTube channel has been sued by many celebrities for spreading misinformation. The channel’s operators have also been summoned by the police for investigation.

Source: Instagram, K14

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