Sunye and Jo Kwon, well-known close friends in the entertainment industry, met after a long time (+ reason)

Singers Sunye and Jo Kwon will work together through a duet song.

Sunye and Jo Kwon will release the remake song “Anbu” (“Ribbon Project” vol.16) on August 28th.

“Anbu” is a duet song by Byul and Na Yoon-kwon released in 2005, and is a masterpiece that continues to be loved by music fans. Sunye and Jo Kwon will reinterpret “Anbu” newly with the 2022 version, digesting everything from calm vocals as if talking to listeners to dynamic vocals that heighten emotions.

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Sunye and Jo Kwon, who have been boasting their 20-year friendship as well-known close friends in the entertainment industry, will demonstrate their musical synergy by showing perfect chemistry through “Anbu”.

Sunye debuted as a member of girl group Wonder Girls in 2007 and released her first solo album “Genuine” after 15 years of debut last month, proving her unwavering presence. Jo Kwon debuted as a member of boy group 2AM in 2008 and is active in various musical stages. 2AM recently completed their concert as a whole.

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Under the slogan “Untie, weave and meet again”, “Ribbon Project” is a project that presents various types of collaborations, including the meeting of sound sources and works such as webtoons, dramas, books and movies, the meeting of previously released hidden masterpieces and new singers… While maintaining the strengths and charms of the existing songs, it delivers expanded stories through new arrangements.

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The remake song “Anbu” (“Ribbon Project” vol.16), which was created by the charms of Sunye and Jo Kwon, will be released through various online music sites at 6 PM on August 28th.

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