Sung Dong Il, who suffered from a childhood of an illegitimate child, felt the affection and responsibility of a father for the first time when he had a son

Actor Sung Dong Il, who was raised as an illegitimate child, often showed extraordinary love for his son. His affection for his family draws admiration from many people. 

In the new broadcast of tvN’s “House on Wheels 4”, which aired on November 3rd, Sung Dong Il enjoyed a drive with actress Kim Ha Neul, who appeared as a guest. While enjoying the trip, Sung Dong Il brought up the story of his son Sung Joon. The actor honestly confessed, “Joon is already in the first year of high school. He always hugs me when I come home”, adding “But that makes me feel really good”.

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The public is very familiar with Sung Joon because he appeared on MBC’s entertainment program “Dad! Where Are We Going?” in 2014 with his father. It is known that Sung Joon has just entered a science high school and is focusing on his study. To many people, Sung Joon seems to be a child who is quiet but affectionate inside. He has already been loved by viewers for his mature appearance on the show in the past. 

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Actor Sung Dong Il does not brag about anything but has expressed his special love for his family many times. In fact, his affectionate side stems from his childhood experiences.

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Sung Dong Il comes from a single-parent family. He spent his underprivileged childhood together with his single mother. After becoming an adult and began walking the path of an actor, he continued to went through a long period of being unknown. At that time, his wife took responsibility for the family’s economy by washing dishes at a restaurant. He used to blame himself as he could not buy anything for his wife except for gukbap (rice soup) when she was having a hard time. The scene of him shedding tears at a rice soup restaurant he visited with his daughter Sung Bin drew deep sorrows from many people.

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Sung Dong Il is now a famous actor. Even when he is now in a higher position with strong self-assertion, he does not discriminate between works and is still acting enthusiastically. It is because of the weight of his responsibility as the breadwinner. He doesn’t want his wife to suffer any hard times and his children to feel insufficient in their lives. 

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Sung Dong Il, who looks cold and straightforward, also faced difficulties when he first became a father. He had an affectionate heart but didn’t know how to express his feelings. This is because he had never received love from his father and had other feelings about having a family before. 

In “Dad! Where Are We Going?”, Sung Dong Il showed a different way to discipline his child compared to how others did. Rather than being shaken by the child’s requests, he set the guidelines, such as “Don’t play around when you eat”. It was his own education method that helped his son solve everything himself without being spoiled.

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It is the philosophy of raising a family and the humble attitude of 32-year-old actor Sung Dong Il, who often calls himself an “acting engineer”. As a result, his extraordinary appearance as a father created affectionate children. 

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