Stylist explained why Jennie is biased to get the best outfits in Black Pink

Even though the 4 girls are directed to the same style, but each of them has her own unique and distinctive “taste”

 Black Pink is one of few current groups that all members have equal abilities to sing and dance. Moreover, the 4 members’ appearances are also considered as “masterpieces” of Kpop. Each member not only possesses an outstanding body ratio, but also has very unique and charismatic fashion style, which helps them to stand out among current girlgroups.

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However, fans notice that in every stage, Jennie is always the member that has the most beautiful, luxurious and expensive outfits. Because of this fact, many netizens assume that she is YG’s princess and bias compared to other members. But recently, the group’s stylist has explained the reason for this difference.

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It seems that netizens don’t agree that Jennie’s beauty can’t be the same as actress-level beauty

Choi Kyung Won has been Black Pink’s stylist since the group’s debut, so she knows a lot about each member’s preference. She assumes that all 4 members have the same style, a mixture that is active and improvisational but also elegant and luxurious. However, each member also has her own highlight in personal style that makes her stand out. It can be said that Black Pink’s style is unique as a whole group and the group’s distinctiveness can also reflect each member’s style.

In 4-member group Black Pink, Jisoo may be the one that is noticed the most with her appearance. She has a benevolent and pure beauty. With her personalities and images, stylists always choose simply soft and girly outfits for her.

On an exciting stage, her beauty is still gentle and elegant. So, her selected outfits are also girly and more “feminine” than other members’.
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Rosé is not a really outstanding member like the other three, yet her bold but elegant and girly look makes people can’t take their eyes off her. Just like Lisa, Rosé has a strong and cool charisma. “Rose’s style is inspired by the street mood styling but with a feminine and cheery touch.” – Choi Kyung Won said. She fits well with street-wear, youthful and a little bit mischievous style, which is similar to her personalities.

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Rose is always inspired by the various music she dabbles in, which gives her a more street feel.

Lisa is a special factor of Black Pink. She has a fierce but really bright beauty. Stylist Choi Kyung Won stated that: “Lisa, since she is a rapper, is styled with boyish nuance and a witty look”. She fits well with fresh, modern and a little bit bold styles. From her make-up to her outfits, everything has wild but attractive feelings.

Black Pink, fashion, stylist, rose, lisa,jennie, jisco
Many people go crazy because of this charismatic image and style of this blonde girl
Black Pink, fashion, stylist, rose, lisa,jennie, jisco

The last one is the perfect girl, Jennie, who is even named the fashion queen of the new generation. Just like the other three, Jennie’s body is considered “small” but very sexy. According to stylist’s opinion, Jennie is the member that has the best style within her group, because her sense of beauty is really unique and delicate. All of her outfits are not totally made by her stylist, they have Jennie’s participation, that’s why these outfits are stunning and gorgeous. Her beauty is also unique, therefore her style is the mixture of “cute & sexy”. Sometimes, you can see a seductive and sexy 

Black Pink, fashion, stylist, rose, lisa,jennie, jisco
Black Pink, fashion, stylist, rose, lisa,jennie, jisco
Jennie, but sometimes, she is really cute and adorable.

With her exquisite sense of fashion, no wonder she has the best style within Black Pink.

With the stylist’s share, it is sure that fans now can understand why each member’s style is so different? Especially for Jennie, thanks to her exquisite sense of fashion, she knows how to “take care of” her outfits, making them more outstanding without any bias as netizens assumed.

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