Baek Yerin, “Tattoos are just something I like… I’d like to express my gratitude for being able to sing for 10 years”

Baek Yerin, who surprised the world as a 10-year-old ballad genius when appearing on SBS’ “Star King” in the past, is receiving love from listeners as a trustworthy musician on her 10th debut anniversary.

In a recent interview with OSEN, Baek Yerin shared stories about her new single “Pisces” and her thoughts on the 10th debut anniversary.

Baek Yerin‘s title song “Pisces” is a modern rock song with sound that is reminiscent of the sea, and the lyrics express a message to those who stay by one’s side.

This single, which is an album expressed with Baek Yerin’s purest and most unbiased heart, allows you to feel a deeper empathy and deep emotions as it is Baek Yerin’s long-awaited original Korean album.

As many people are enthusiastic about Baek Yerin’s sensibility to get the modifier of “trustworthy musician”, what is Baek Yerin’s sensibility from her point of view? She said modestly, “I feel different emotions, words and everything. I often write down what I felt at that time and write lyrics in order to accumulate them up. Fortunately, there are a lot of people who sympathize with me.”

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Not only Baek Yerin’s music, but also Baek Yerin’s free and kitschy fashion is attracting great public attention. Recently, she has been drawing attention with her gorgeous and bold tattoos. “Tattoos” appeared in the lyrics of her new song “Pisces” as well. Regarding the meaning of tattoos, she said, “Tattoos are just something I like. I think they fit me well because I engraved things I like, one by one.”

Baek Yerin, who made her debut along with Park Jimin as “15&” in 2012, has established herself as an unrivaled solo musician by being loved for her outstanding singing ability and vocals full of individuality. Baek Yerin, who is celebrating her 10th debut anniversary this year, expressed her extraordinary feelings, “In fact, it’s more unbelievable.”

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She thanked fans, “I made my debut when I was young and time flew so fast that I don’t really remember that time. I’d like to express my gratitude for being loved by many people and being able to sing for 10 years like this. Thank you for loving me. I’ll continue to work hard and be humble in the future.”

She is decorating the playlists of many listeners with hits such as “Across the Universe”, “Bye bye my blue”, “Maybe It’s Not Our Fault” as well as collaboration songs with various singers. When asked “Which musicians do you want to work with?”, she replied, “I want to present a wonderful song to Youngji. Among foreign artists, I want to collaborate with an artist called ‘Bülow’ in a fun way.”

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Then, what will Baek Yerin look like 10 years from now? She conveyed her wishes, “I want to get married and travel abroad often. I want to go to many attractions that nature gave us, and I want the dogs that are living with me to be healthy.”

Finally, when asked about her future goals and dreams as a solo musician, she answered, “Live a fun and healthy life! I think I’ll just keep doing the kind of music that I want to do. Sometimes I foolishly think, ‘What should I do tomorrow? For what reason do I work hard?’ ‘What should I do if I don’t sing? What am I going to live for?’ That’s how I feel. In the end, rather than as an artist, I’m just trying to find a goal in my life as a person, so I want to slowly fill up what I lack and become a peaceful person even if I don’t have anything.”

Source: Daum

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