“Snowdrop” early reviews: Funny and thrilling, Jisoo’s acting is the highlight

Here are our thoughts on the first two episodes of “Snowdrop”. 

After a long time of teasing fans with numerous trailers and still cuts, Snowdrop finally aired the first 2 episodes last weekend. Beyond our expectations, Snowdrop is truly a roller coaster of emotions. Notably, Jisoo’s acting is one of the highlights of the long-awaited premiere. 


Set in Seoul in 1987, Snowdrop depicts a love story between Im Su Ho (Jung Hae In), a student of a prestigious university who suddenly rushes into the dorm of a women’s university where he meets Eun Young Ro (Jisoo), the girl he previously had an awkward encounter during a group date. Young Ro hides Su Ho and takes care of his wounds even in the face of danger under close surveillance. The two then begin to develop romantic feelings for one another. 

jung hae in

One thing that we love about Snowdrop is the 80s vibes shown through the sets, props, color palettes, music and vintage fashion with berets and check patterns. Everything to the tiniest detail feels true to the 80s, without being awkward or forced. Watching Snowdrop is like we are taken on a time travel journey and go back to the 80s. 

Set in a sensitive time in Korean history, Snowdrop cannot avoid controversy and getting scrutinized by Korean netizens, from the plot to the soundtrack. But in this article, we are not addressing the negative reviews and only focusing on what we find enjoyable about Snowdrop. 

From the main to supporting and even minor characters, everyone is fun to watch. The atmosphere and color grading of Snowdrop give us cozy vibes, which are perfectly suitable for a drama that airs in the holiday season. And of course, the romantic tension between Young Ro and Su Ho is amazing. Jisoo and Jung Hae In bring a “visual party” in every scene they appear next to each other.

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Before Snowdrop premiered, we had doubts about Jisoo’s acting and that she wouldn’t match well with her experienced co-star Jung Hae In. However, Jisoo’s performance exceeds our expectations, given the fact that she started out as an idol. Jisoo and her youthful, dynamic portrayal of Young Ro gives us a good laugh in the first two episodes.

As for Jung Hae In, his acting, handsome visuals, and warm aura never disappoint. After constantly acting alongside older female co-stars in previous dramas, the 33-year-old actor finally has a romantic partner who is in her 20s. Therefore, Jung Hae In together with Jisoo makes a refreshing combination. 

jung hae in

The premiere of Snowdrop is thrilling and suspenseful enough to keep us hooked. The upcoming episodes promise to unveil different twists and turns. A character that we are currently suspicious of is Boon Ok ( Kim Hye Yoon), will she do something to hurt Young Ro? Will Su Ho be caught while hiding? Let’s tune in for new episodes of Snowdrop next Friday and Saturday on both JTBC and Disney+.

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