This week’s star fashion ranking: Best dresser Karina Vs. Worst dresser Hyeri

Here is a ranking of various celebrities’ looks at different events, such as airport departures, brand events, and press conferences, that made headlines in the past week. 

◆ Best: Karina

Karina shone with her neat style. She selected a leather dress that perfectly suits her urban image. The dress’s neckline, hair, makeup, and white bag are all beautifully coordinated to highlight her sophisticated and elegant look. 

aespa karina

It seems like Karina really understands her strengths. Karina’s visual is so surreal that her photos could be used to teach AI about beauty standards. 


Karina’s leather dress has a diagonal detail that adds interest and complements the overall look. She completes her outfit set with fancy black shoes and a white bag. It’s not always easy to challenge leather clothes but Karina pulled off the leather dress so well, drawing admiration from fans and netizens. 

◆ Good: Shin Ye Eun 

Shin Ye Eun has a great fashion sense and is praised for her simple yet elegant style. The young actress turned the airport departure path into her own runway with a mix-and-match of a classic jacket, denim jeans, and a big bag casually draped over her wrist. 

Shin Ye Eun fashion

Thanks to her amazing performance as young Yeon Jin in Netflix’s hot series “The Glory”, Shin Ye Eun has recently become so famous. That’s she is taking better care of her fashion to keep up with her popularity when appearing in public

Her all-black outfit is chic and modern, with a cropped inner top and oversized outer jacket creating a hipster look. Her eye-catching bag and slashed-edge jeans complete an impressive airport fashion. 

◆ Bad: Lee Min Jung

The fashion style of Lee Min Jung remains unchanged, with bold choices in ‘excessive’ clothing and accessories. Her purple silk dress, half-moon bag with studs, black choker, and star-shaped earrings are all eye-catching are all too strong. It seems like the actress should make efforts to remove some unnecessary items.

Lee Min Jung-fashion

Rather than the design, it’s the color matching that worsens the outfit set. Lee Min Jung chose some flashy and colorful clothes but they didn’t make her look luxurious. The bright purple skirt and the black jacket created viewers’ frustration. The accessories, including the necklace, also seem a little too much.

◆ Bad: Seol In Ah

Seol In Ah’s choice of a two-piece outfit in a color that even made her skin tone look dull. Her selection of shoes and pedicures with the same tone also shocked reporters. The sewing line that runs horizontally in the middle of the skirt is noticeable but out of place.

Seol In Ah-fashion

Her jacket and long skirt made of suede material have such a dull color that they created a stuffy atmosphere for the whole look.

It’s a pity that the actress, who is known to have an amazing body figure, was fully wrapped up both on top and bottom. In fact, relying only on accessories wasn’t enough to highlight her beauty in such a boring set.

◆ Worst: Hyeri

Hyeri is famous for having a small head. Was it necessary to cover her forehead with such wig-like bangs? Her wavy hair also looks messy. 


The strange print on her waistline, which is somewhat different from Hyeri’s usual cheerful and lively image, looks confusing. By matching it with black stockings, the actress created an even more awkward look. 

The combination of messy hairstyle, old-fashioned details on her dress, burdensome stockings, and conspicuously sparkling ankle bracelets is disappointing. 

Source: Nate

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