Stars Suffer Malicious Comments Due To Dating News: Jennie, Lee Jae-wook & More

Not many star couples are supported, and most celebrities face hateful comments when it comes to dating rumors

After acknowledging his romantic relationship with aespa’s Karina, actor Lee Jae-wook announced the strict response against the spread of false information and malicious comments on February 29th. 

When the dating rumors broke out, some netizens came to Lee Jae-wook’s SNS account and left comments, such as “I feel bad for Karina”, “He doesn’t suit Karina”, etc., and even spread an unconfirmed rumor of a “transit romance”. In response, Lee Jae-wook’s agency CJeS Studio announced their plan to take legal action by filing civil and criminal lawsuits against acts that infringe the actor’s personal rights.

lee jae wook-karina

Earlier on the 27th, Dispatch exclusively reported that Karina and Lee Jae-wook have been dating since January with photos of their late-night date.

YouTuber Xooos also complained about excessive comments from haters after being embroiled in dating rumors with actor Park Seo-joon in June last year. 

park seo joon-xooos

Although the two’s agencies refused to confirm the dating rumors, actor Park Seo-joon directly mentioned the issue at the press conference for his movie “Concrete Utopia”, saying “I feel very pressured when it comes to opening up about my private life and personal matters. I don’t think I can say anything about it”.

After that, some fans went on Xooos’s YouTube channel and left comments, such as “You don’t look good with Park Seo-joon”, “It’s such a waste to date you”, “How can someone with a normal visual like you can date Park Seo-joon?”, etc. Netizens who used to praise her singing skills also showed negative reactions after the dating rumors, such as “I think you use autotune too much”, “Why is your singing so bad?”, etc.

jennie blackpink

BLACKPINK’s Jennie and BTS’s V also faced malicious comments and DMs from netizens when their dating rumors broke out in 2022. Some crossed the line as they went to Jennie’s SNS and wrote excessive comments such as “Are you having a transit love between GD and V?”. As a result, Jennie turned off the DM function of her account.

park bo yeon

In addition, actress Park Bo-yeon also complained about the damage due to hateful DMs from netizens after being embroiled in a romance rumor with ASTRO’s Rocky. She directly revealed on her SNS account that ASTRO fans sent her malicious DMs such as “I hate you so much”, “You ruined everything”, etc.

Source: Daum

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