Star couples who initially denied but later confirmed their relationships

Actor Lee Kyu-han and BB Girls Yujeong joined the ranks of star couples who initially denied but later confirmed their relationships

Dating rumors about Lee Kyu-han (born in 1980) and BB Girls Yujeong (born in 1991) first surfaced in July. At the time, both of them, through their respective agencies, denied the rumors, stating that they are close senior and junior colleagues who met on a TV show but are not dating.

The dating reports indicated that Lee Kyu-han and Yujeong’s relationship evolved from friendship to romance after appearing together on KBS 2TV’s “Rustically” in February.

Lee Kyu-han

Then, in September, they both confirmed that they have feelings for each other and are cautiously getting to know each other better.

Yujeong explained that the initial denial came because the articles came out after they only had a few meals together. She thought “We should confess quickly“, but Lee Kyu-han suggested, “Since your comeback is just a week away, it’s best to deny it for now, as it could affect it.” So, they initially denied the dating rumors.

Another couple, Daniel Henney and Ru Kumagai, who initially denied their relationship 5 years ago, also confirmed their relationship recently. In 2018, when dating rumors first emerged, Daniel Henney’s agency stated that they are just close colleagues who met at a private gathering. However, they shared posts on SNS hinting at their relationship. Then, on October 20th, 2023, Daniel Henney announced their marriage, introducing Ru Kumagai as his spouse.

Daniel Henney

Similarly, actor Jung Kyung-ho (born in 1983) and Girls’ Generation Sooyoung (born in 1990) denied dating rumors twice. However, in the third round of dating rumors in January 2014, they finally confirmed their relationship, having developed from close colleagues to a loving couple.

Jung Kyung-ho

For the fourth example, actors Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin went through four rounds of dating rumors before finally confirming their relationship. Their agencies denied the initial rumors in 2019, saying they are friends. Subsequent dating rumors were also denied. However, in January 2021, they confirmed their relationship and later announced their marriage in February 2022.

hyun bin

Source: Naver

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