SS501 Park Jung-min, owner of joint buildings worth 19 billion won…”In 5 years, he makes about 12.6 billion won in capital gains”

Singer Park Jung-min from group SS501 is known to be owning buildings worth 19 billion won.

According to the Korea Financial News on October 5th, Park Jung-min owns a commercial building worth 10 billion won and a house worth 9 billion won in Seocho-gu, Seoul.

The commercial building, which is located between Seocho Station and Bangbae Station, has 1 basement and 4 ground floors. Accordingly, there are cafes in the basement, while stores and offices filled Floor 1 to 3 above the ground. The 4th ground floor is used as a private house. 

Park Jung-min

His 9 billion won house is located right behind the commercial building and has 1~2 floors. In October 2017, Park Jung-min spent 3.5 billion won and 2.9 billion won on the commercial building and the house, respectively. The two buildings cost him 6.4 billion won in total. 

Park Jung-min has recently put the house building up for sale for 9 billion won. If the sale is decided at this price, he will secure 6.1 billion won in capital gains. The commercial building is said to be worth 10 billion won considering the market prices of surrounding buildings.

Park Jung-min

Compared to the purchase prices five years ago, Park Jung-min is expected to earn approximately 12.6 billion won in market profit.

Born in 1987, Park Jung-min debuted as a member of boy group SS501 in 2005. He later became a musical actor after appearing in the musical “Grease” in 2008

Source: dispatch

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